Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where exactly is the cottage?  Can we drive by and see it while we’re in the area?

The cottage is roughly 9 miles north of Hammondsport.  For the security and privacy of our neighbors and guests, we do not publish the address. Please contact us, we’ll be happy to show it if possible.  The cottage can be easily seen by boat (recognizable by the three, red doors) and by car on Keuka Village Road. We ask that you please do not stop in, as our current guests are enjoying their vacation and deserve privacy.  We welcome any questions at

Do you provide any watercraft?

We have two kayaks, a small sailboat and a non- motorized rowboat available.   NYS rules regarding proper life jackets and adult supervision apply here.

Can we bring our boat?

The short answer is:  it depends.  We consider this on a case-by-case basis.

Can we rent a boat?

Yes, there are boat rental places along the lake.  The closest is Keuka Watersports in Hammondsport.

Is there central air and heat?

We do have central heat. This is a seasonal cottage located next to a temperature-moderating lake.  In the summer, if needed at all, we do fine with fans and windows.  In the spring and fall we have a furnace and a gas fireplace, which usually is just great to take the chill off.

Is there wi-fi?

Yes, there is wi-fi and basic cable available.

Can we waive the cleaning fee if we clean it ourselves and promise to leave it very clean?

This is a wonderful idea in theory, but not in practice.  Our definition of “clean” and that of the person following you, may not be your definition of clean.  Our definition includes a checklist, and our housekeeper doesn’t just tidy up, she cleans.  The fee also includes garbage removal, which most people don’t want to take home with them.

Can we reserve the same week every summer?

Very possibly.  We give preference to returning, good guests.

Do you provide linens?

Mattress pads, blankets, comforters/bedspreads and pillows are provided, as well as kitchen linens. Guests bring their own bath towels, washcloths, sheets and pillowcases, unless otherwise arranged.

Is there firewood for beach bonfires?

Often, yes.  Much depends on when you visit, and how much the people before you used.  A lot of wood washes up, but later in the season it may be used up. You can buy local bundles of wood at a market just up the street. (It is against the law in many states, including New York, to bring in firewood from out-of-state, or from more than 50 miles away within state.  They’re trying to contain an invasive, destructive insect.)  Often there is some leftover from when someone else bought.  And each group’s use of firewood is dependent on personal preference and weather.  So there’s no way for us to know, but we have tried to make it easy for you to obtain some if it’s not already present.

We have a very well mannered dog.  Can we bring him?

Sorry, no.  Oh that we could say yes, because we’re pet lovers too.  But as you know, most people say they are responsible pet owners, even in a rental, however it isn’t necessarily so.   We love our little cottage and think you will too.  We just don’t accommodate pets.

We’d like to have a (family reunion/wedding/bachelor or bachelorette party/wedding anniversary/graduation party, etc) there.  We’d even provide port-a-johns and do all the clean up.

Our cottage is not a good match for your needs, on oh-so-many levels.  We have one bathroom;  there is limited parking;  we love our neighbors and don’t want to irritate them;  we (and many other families) love our cottage and don’t appreciate the wear and tear and lack of respect that the above situations generate.  We simply aren’t a good match for your needs, but you’ll find many other wonderful venues on and near the lakes that will be.  Thanks for understanding.

Why do you ask to know a little about our group before renting to us?

We ask because we’re not a motel.  We want to share our cottage with people who will enjoy and respect it.  It’s in everyone’s interest to have a good match between property and renter.

What is there to do in the area?

Lots, actually.  Please see our “Things to Do” link and all the categories in it. There are 7 small wineries along the East side of the lake, three you can practically walk to. There is a local restaurant, a half-mile down the road, that is fun to walk to for a burger or glass of wine on their porch overlooking the lake. They have music on Sunday afternoons. There is a small glen down the road about a mile complete with waterfalls at the end. Don’t forget our kayaks, sailboat and rowboat…the kayaks are great in the morning or evening when the lake is like glass. You can always leave a jigsaw puzzle up for anyone to work on as they pass by with their cup of coffee, or read a book in the hammock shaded by an old Willow tree.  See our Things To Do page, there should be something for everyone within those links.

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